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Hey there! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and didn't stuff yourselves quite as badly as we did. It's fun to make tons of food, but you start to realize maybe it wasn't such a good idea when you find yourself bloated on starchy goodness. Anyhow, we obviously made it to Portland in one piece, but we're still settling in and working out the kinks and getting used to the colder weather. We've been in the process of switching over to a new shopping system as we've found that there are more features that we'd like to offer our online shoppers. The final blow came last weekend when the shipping function went haywire. It lit a fire to get the new site up and running, so while we still need to gussy it up, we are happy to present a new working shopping site at! We haven't completely dismantled the old one yet (as you may know if you're reading this), but we're transitioning. Sorry for any confusion, but we're glad to say we can now accommodate Canadian orders again, along with many other countries. So please visit the new site for all your LO ordering needs, not to mention our brand new Annual Vol. 2 Planner and Tour Diary!

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