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Frostville prints & more

Work on our upcoming children's book by Daniel Frost, Atop a Hill in Frostville, is coming along swimmingly and we're sharing a few peeks at what's forthcoming in the form of some new paper goods based on images from the book!

One of the main characters in the story is an energetic pup and here he is on a flat card at full attention with ears and tail perked up when something catches his eye...

Daniel Frost Dog Flat

Through the book we follow him across town and in this new print you can see his visit to the dog park along with a lot of funny stuff going on including the idea that owners and their pets have a shared resemblance...

Dog Park Print by Daniel Frost

We also made a bookmark out of the traffic image we shared previously, but now you can spot the pup and guess what's got him on the run!

Traffic Bookmark by Daniel Frost

In addition to these fun images from the book, we also made a print out of one of our favorite Frostville series paintings ("Number 9") and a card with Daniel's fantastic "Bike Lovers" illustration. We are big fans of Daniel's work and can't wait to show more of the book!

Number 9 Print by Daniel Frost

Bike Lovers Card by Daniel Frost


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