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Cover Club: The Sketch Book

photos by Jeremy The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. By Washington Irving Popular Edition, 1848 I found this in a bookstore in the U District in Seattle. The cover is somewhat dirty but otherwise it's a nice copy of this seminal American book that is more known nowadays for its individual stories than the book itself. You can read more about it here.

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Cover Club: Tabi ha Guestroom

I was recently visiting Dongguan in China's Guangdong Province on a family-related trip. It's not really a city that tourists would visit and I hadn't been in almost ten years and didn't have particularly fond memories of it. To my surprise, it has blossomed into a real metropolitan city and become much more pleasant with lots of greenery and better air quality than a decade ago. I had pretty low expectations of having anything of interest to do there, but on our first night, we went to a vegetarian restaurant and then stumbled upon this little shop/cafe called Swallow Book Bar. It was a charming hangout and had a pretty good selection of books considering we were in industrial China....

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Cover Club: Leaves of Grass (1860 edition)

Today is Walt Whitman's birthday and there is a lot written about his personal life and his life as a writer, but much less is written about him as a bookmaker. He self-published most editions (including the first edition) of Leaves of Grass and was heavily involved in the production of all of his books, even as he advanced in age. The third edition of Leaves of Grass is a particular highlight with some amazing hand-drawn typography on the cover (he made eight different editions of Leaves, each one re-written and re-edited with new poems and arrangement as well as design, basically creating eight different books). There is a great book called Whitman Making Books/Books Making Whitman which is entirely...

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Cover Club: Are You A Bromide?

Are You A Bromide? Or The Sulphitic Theory by Gelett Burgess, S.B. 1906 A very weird book this week that we picked up at a small used bookstore solely on the basis of the both futuristic and antiquated illustrations, which are by the author. There is a nice inscription from 1908 asking "Are you a bromide." The book's subtitle is, "Expounded and exemplified according to the most recent researches into the psychology of boredom. Including many well-known Bromidioms now in use." Apparently the author also wrote, "Goops and How to Be Them."

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