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A Visit to Taubman Museum of Art

I was recently in Roanoke, Virginia for a family reunion and had the pleasure of going to their small but excellent new art museum, the Taubman Museum of Art. Designed by architect Randall Stout, it focuses on mostly one-room galleries of American art. There were several great exhibits, but I really liked the one of drawings and handmade cardboard objects called "Kiel Johnson: One Thing Leads to Another."

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This Poe House

Daguerreotype taken in Richmond, VA Sept. 1849 (3 weeks before he died in Baltimore) If you know me (and well really, you probably don't), you know that I'm a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe. I grew up reading him and was born outside of Baltimore and moved to Virginia as a kid, eventually ending up at one time living across the street from the house where a good friend of Poe's lived and is known as the last place where he recited "The Raven" (the house is called "Talavera" at 2315 West Grace Street). Really we thought of it as the "cat house" because there were a million cats lingering around there, but i've digressed enough for now. The house...

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