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      News — Process

      Preview & Process: Martine Workman's Mother's Day Card

      After 7 years of making cards, we're finally taking the big leap into specific holidays! We're kicking things off with this upcoming season's popular slogan of  "moms, dads, and grads" with new artwork by our good pal Martine Workman. While the cards are off at the printer, we thought we'd give you a preview of our Mother's Day card and a peek at the process.

      Martine started sketching out her ideas during her residency at VCCA and we zeroed in on this drawing in particular as we felt we hadn't seen anything like it before as far as Mother's Day cards go (or otherwise). "Fancy string" made us think of bakers twine and the typography was just something unusual. As you can see, it started out as a very rough idea, so the next step was for her to draw and ink the lettering and try out some colors.

      Martine Mother's Day Sketch

      Next she added the detail to the string and cleaned up the drawing. Harking back again to bakers twine, we thought blue and green would make for a nice combo--it's feminine without using the typical pink. The standard red, while most familiar, was a bit too candy cane/Christmasy for the occasion. The lettering looked great, but felt too stark on just white so she played with lots of combos for the background, pumping up the color for the lettering so it wouldn't get lost in the mix.

      Martine Mothers colors

      There were a lot of great options, but in the end, we both had a gut response to one version as being the one, and thus our new card was born! We can't wait to have the final printed product in our hands in a couple weeks so we can share it with you and the moms in your life.

      Martine Mothers Day

      Preview: new Becca Stadtlander card

      We are wrapping up work on a batch of new cards and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! One of the artists we're excited to be working with again is Becca Stadtlander (of our Seasons cards) and she is contributing three new designs. Here's a sneak peek of her beautiful bouquet card!

      UPDATE: Becca's Flowers Card is now available in our online shop & SF Mini Store!

      This image is now available in our online shop.

      Sneak Peek: Living Things 6!

      We can't wait for our next volume of our Living Things Series to get here, but in the meantime, here's a peek at the proofs from Volume 6 by Becca Stadtlander (titled "Winged Creatures of the Natural World")!


      We've been leaving our catalog number LO100 open as we had ever-(r)evolving plans to do something special with it, but we're always so caught up in working on current projects that we've never gotten around to doing a proper release for it. As we quickly head into another holiday season, we realized that we're speeding away from 100 and should really do something to fill it! So we are looking to you for help to think of something special to celebrate our 100th release. Should it be a special card, planner, journal, book, tote bag, compilation, print, magazine, or some other type of paper product that has yet to be thought of? If you think of a great idea and we use it, we'll send you a free copy! Add any ideas in the comments below! Thanks for your help!

      Preview: Little Otsu Annual Volume 6!

      Here's a super sneak peek at what we've been working on with the very awesome Lizzy Stewart! We're happy to announce that Volume 6 of the LO Annual Weekly Planner is going to be chock-full of her art and we can't wait to show you more. But since Lizzy is still busy drawing, here's a mock-up of what the cover will look like. Stay tuned for more!