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Nate Denver podcast

George here (Yvonne's brother). I have been doing a music podcast for a while but this is the first full-on interview I've done. Nate Denver has illustrated and written books for La Mano and we go way back in the San Francisco music scene as well. He just completed a kickstarter project for his next illustrated book/cd "Haunted Armor", so I thought it was as good a time as any to catch up with him! [caption id="attachment_3745" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="a page from "Wait, You're Not A Centaur" by Nate Denver"][/caption]

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Recommending: Supper by (Smog)

The 2003 album Supper by (Smog) ranks as one of my favorites by one of my favorite bands. This is definitely the album of theirs that took me the longest to get into and yet is the one I go back to the most. "Feather by Feather" leading into "Butterflies Drowned in Wine" is one of the best song combinations in the indie rock canon, if that's a thing. Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!

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Recommending: Calder Quartet

Calder Quartet with Andrew WK (from Facebook) We saw Calder Quartet play two really great pieces of music this weekend at the Portland Central Library at a free event put on by Friends of Chamber Music (and hey, we're all friends of chamber music, aren't we?). They are playing two shows this week at PSU, the second of which I'm recommending as they are playing a piece by one of my favorite composers, Leoš Janáček. Leoš Janáček with his wife in 1881 (from Wikipedia) They are also doing one of the pieces they performed at the Library, Fred Frith's Lelekovice (1991), that was compelling, kinetic and definitely worth experiencing in-person. Tickets & information here: Calder Quartet Mon & Tue,...

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Watching People Watching Music

I took these photos of the dvd "Horowitz in Moscow" while I was watching it on our television. This was Vladimir Horowitz's 1986 return to his native country after over 60 years of being abroad. The people are literally moved to tears by his performance and it's hard to tell in these photos if some are sleeping or just listening with their eyes closed. It's a wonderful performance (I highly recommend the DVD), especially of two pieces from the great Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

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