to SF and back to 2009

So I just got back from a quick week in SF to check up on the store and give Kirk some time off to hang out with his family and go to his brother's graduation. It felt good to be back after a 6-month absence and it was pretty easy to fall into the familiar rhythm of things. It was exciting to see all the new stuff I had ordered for the store in person, not to mention Jeremy Tinder's awesome window display and all the familiar faces of McSweeney's and store friends like Alexa, Helen, and Laurie. Many thanks to Tommy, Chi-hui, and George for putting me up! And to my favorite (and most missed) restaurant Cha-Ya for the cold barley tea. Although I had to do some not so fun things like taking my grandfather to the ER (he's as okay as he can be for 91), pulling an all-nighter to take care of store biz, and buying a tank of gas (ouch!), it was a good trip overall and I look forward to going back sooner than later.

taking a break (and some pictures) at 5:45 am

I also got in some quick visits with Jennie Smith and Chris Duncan, who are both making 2009 calendars for us! I'm currently working on scanning and putting Jennie's together. Her theme this year is treehouses and her images are just really amazing. She worked on it from start to finish while at her residency at the Headlands and they feel pretty informed by being immersed in nature. We're super excited as these are her best calendar and poster yet! Lart is also working on a new map calendar for 2009 and it's looking pretty spectacular. The title is 2009 Railways, but as always with Lart's work, it's never quite as simple as that so be prepared for something stunning.

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