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VeganMofo: "It's the pesto of cities."

I love how 90s pesto is. Once I made a penne pasta with pesto & sun-dried tomatoes and my head exploded from being so 1990s. But it was good! That's the thing, it might have been a trend but it's something that's easy and has tons of payoff taste-wise. At this point I'm not sure what recipe I'm using as I make it from memory and just kinda wing it, but here is basically what I put in it. 90s Pesto (aka "Everybody's moving to Seattle!") fresh basil leaves several garlic cloves a handful of nuts, preferably pine nuts but also walnuts or almonds or whatever salt and pepper olive oil white miso paste (I'm pretty sure this is from...

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VeganMoFo: apple mania

Our favorite nursery (well, the only one we've stumbled upon, but continue to revisit because it's like a botanical garden you can shop in), Portland Nursery, is hosting its annual apple tasting event. It was our first time and we had no idea what to expect. I read that there'd be lots of school groups in the afternoon, so we tried to go early, but there was no escaping the little ones. Really, the event seems very geared towards kids, except kids aren't going to be buying apples. We enjoyed it all the same. Here's a bucket of fresh cider (there's nothing quite like cider from a plastic pail). We really shouldn't have had two cups of cider (mini cups...

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VeganMoFo: Mock Meats and the Media

I am most definitely not an expert on food, let alone vegan food (let alone mock meats aka: faux meat, meat analog, fake meat), but I've eaten a good amount of meat substitutes--for better or for worse--so I want to talk a little about how and why you see so many mock meats in vegan restaurants. Mostly you see them in forms familiar to all of us, the most familiar of all being the veggie burger. Ah, the veggie burger! I've had some great ones over the years and some pretty awful ones (I'm thinking of the ones they served at my high school in Virginia that were stuck to the buns and when you tried to take it apart...

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VeganMoFo: carbfest '08

Well, looks like we've really fallen back on pasta dishes this week. Dinner ran late tonight as there was work, a long-distance call, and post-debate coverage. Jeremy decided to make a roasted bell pepper pasta. We usually just throw our peppers in with stir fry or grill them, so roasting was a novel thing. A little more work, but worth it. Here it is sprinkled with homemade parm along with some cheesy (FYH mozzarella) garlic bread. The garlic bread had fresh basil from the window box. Here's a view before the cheese and the oven just because it's pretty.

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VeganMoFo: books and pasta and cats

Taking a breather from book work. I think we have just about wrapped up Jo's book (the cover just needs a tiny bit of tweaking before we're officially done) and Martine kicked ass and turned in an awesome mini-book of drawings that will be printed on the same sheets. It's titled "Water And Fall" just to give you a teaser. We're super stoked to be getting these turned in for release next month. All this jamming to finish has kept me up late. I know I need to catch up on sleep when I've been up to hear the 3am broadcast of Morning Edition more than once this week. Needless to say, we've kept the cooking pretty simple. We don't...

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