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Vol 3 Mini is here!

We just got our shipment of Volume 3 minis this afternoon and they turned out awesome! We're just about sold out of Vol 1 minis, so it's nice to have a new mini option. All the greatness of the bigger version packed in a smaller punch.

Keeping it short as I've got lots of bookkeeping to attend to, but my VeganMoFo thought for the day is soup. This week has really turned on the chill in the air, and as much as I like fall leaves and don't care much for heat, I've apparently been spoiled by summer and am not particularly pleased that I have to put on more than a t-shirt and hoody. It would help if I weren't sitting next to an old window which barely serves as a barrier between me and the outdoors. It's going to be a long winter...

Threw together a light broth soup last night with some tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions, carrots, broccoli, celery, chard, ginger, rice noodles, tamari, and brown rice vinegar. Was thinking of Vietnamese(?) sweet and sour soup with tomatoes and cilantro, but got nowhere near that. It was still pretty good.

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