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      News — Personal

      VeganMoFo: mac and cheese

      Another cold weather comfort food is ye olde mac and cheese. The recipe we use is the one in The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook and we can't make it too often because it is so not good for you (seeing as how it involves almost a bag of pasta, a stick of margarine, and a 1/4 cup oil), but it really just hits the spot sometimes (and has even impressed a non-vegan or two). Last night was a mac and cheese kind of night, but we did make a side of dino kale and chard to try to counter the indulgence.

      Vol 3 Mini is here!

      We just got our shipment of Volume 3 minis this afternoon and they turned out awesome! We're just about sold out of Vol 1 minis, so it's nice to have a new mini option. All the greatness of the bigger version packed in a smaller punch.

      Keeping it short as I've got lots of bookkeeping to attend to, but my VeganMoFo thought for the day is soup. This week has really turned on the chill in the air, and as much as I like fall leaves and don't care much for heat, I've apparently been spoiled by summer and am not particularly pleased that I have to put on more than a t-shirt and hoody. It would help if I weren't sitting next to an old window which barely serves as a barrier between me and the outdoors. It's going to be a long winter...

      Threw together a light broth soup last night with some tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions, carrots, broccoli, celery, chard, ginger, rice noodles, tamari, and brown rice vinegar. Was thinking of Vietnamese(?) sweet and sour soup with tomatoes and cilantro, but got nowhere near that. It was still pretty good.

      VeganMoFo: Sweetpea Bakery

      Lucky for Portland and people who love sugar, there is Sweetpea Baking Company at SE 12th and Stark Street. Sweetpea is an amazing all vegan bakery making the most fantastic donuts, cakes and danishes (among many other things). I love going there as they always have new things to try, it's a great space to sit & eat and the owner Lisa is super nice and cares a lot about making vegan baked goods taste as good as any other baked good in the world.

      The chocolate petit fours with mocha and pumpkin cheesecake I picked up yesterday.

      Saturday is donut day and Wednesday is danish day and on Sunday they have a vegan brunch. Go there and get a vegan Boston cream filled donut! I swear this isn't an ad, I just like the place. ...Seriously, it's good!

       This is a chocolate tart and an apricot cream cheese danish! Yowza!

      Jo and Mom

      Been juggling work on Jo's book (it's awesome!) and a short visit from my mom. Spent the weekend formatting Jo's pages and it was so cool to re-read her stories page by page, coming all together as a whole, and seeing how they build and parallel and intersect. We're super excited about it! She sent us her mock-up yesterday (even better getting to flip physical pages), along with some really great little gifts (L, O, shell, and maybe it was just for wrapping, but loved her screen printed tissue paper). Thanks Jo! You can get a sneak preview of what the title page will be like.

      So the book's just about done, but had to put off wrapping it up completely while Mom's in town. We tooled around, dropped by to see 2 Sarah's (Lart & Kramer), and ate. Today we were downtown and had lunch at Blossoming Lotus. We walked in and saw some very yummy looking food just served to someone's table and it looked so good, I had to try it. It being the live pasta marinara. I don't know what makes it live (how does that differ from raw?) and I'm usually a cooked food fan, but it was damn tasty. Zucchini ribbon pasta with cherry tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, live marinara sauce, and basil cashew cheese. I'm really glad I went out on a limb. Beat my mom's hummus wrap by ten-fold.

      We crossed the street afterward and treated ourselves to a little bit of chocolate. Don't think we'll be making that splurge again, but it was good. Black currants and strawberry. Some Sweetpea Bakery treats to follow tomorrow. So much for eating healthily.