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VeganMoFo: books and pasta and cats

Taking a breather from book work. I think we have just about wrapped up Jo's book (the cover just needs a tiny bit of tweaking before we're officially done) and Martine kicked ass and turned in an awesome mini-book of drawings that will be printed on the same sheets. It's titled "Water And Fall" just to give you a teaser. We're super stoked to be getting these turned in for release next month.

All this jamming to finish has kept me up late. I know I need to catch up on sleep when I've been up to hear the 3am broadcast of Morning Edition more than once this week. Needless to say, we've kept the cooking pretty simple. We don't get meatballs too often, but we just happened to and they were great crumbled up in this tomato pasta dish. I guess it was kind of like beef-a-roni (forgot about that stuff--used to have the real thing in grade school lunch).

On a food and cats note, there's a fundraiser dinner at Sweetpea Bakery next Saturday for House of Dreams, a non-profit no-kill shelter. There is a ridiculous amount of outdoor cats here in Portland, which is not good for them or for birds. All the same, they do make for cute pictures when you find one on your garage.

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