Water and Fall by Martine Workman

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Inspired by fountains and gardens and silly people, Martine Workman created this little book of drawings for us that will please and amuse. Martine has an affinity for patterns and movement and combines them charmingly here with little moments and absurdity. Her water comes in many forms—endless seas, sprinkling spurts, unexpected downpours, and jet sprays. It interacts with abstract people of funny forms and faces, producing a work of unforeseen delight.

Printed with blue soy-based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper by 1984 Printing in Oakland. Measures 4.25" wide x 4.75" tall, 44 pages, saddle stitched. Recommended for mature readers.

“This is a charming series of drawings that loosely work together to form a narrative of sorts about water. Mostly, it’s about water spraying people in weird and unexpected ways. At times, it acts as comics-as-poetry, creating a certain rhythm of images on the page to get across the visceral sensation of floating and/or being splashed. I particularly liked the way that Workman diligently stippled drops of water while crafting figures that were small blobs in the face of nature. This comic is a beautiful trifle; it doesn’t aspire to deliver a powerful emotional statement but rather simply creates an atmosphere and details a singular and similar set of experiences. It fits quite nice into the overall aesthetic of comics & zines published by Little Otsu.”-Rob Clough, High-Low Comics