Blackwing Pearl Pencil by Palomino

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The Palomino Blackwing Pearl has a balanced and smooth graphite core that is softer than the graphite found in the Palomino Blackwing 602, but firmer than the graphite found in the Palomino Blackwing. It features a pearl white finish, black imprint, and black eraser. Its unique and iconic ferrule allows you to extend and replace its eraser and even “hack” your pencil to give it a custom look with a different colored eraser.

The unsharpened pencil measures 5/16" wide (barrel)/3/8" wide (eraser) x 7 15/16" tall. The two-piece cardboard box measures 2 1/2" wide x 8 3/8" tall x 3/4" deep. Pencils are made in Japan with California incense cedar and Japanese graphite. Erasers are made in China. Comes in a box of 12.

Palomino donates 2% of all Blackwing sales to the Blackwing Foundation at the end of each calendar year. The Blackwing Foundation was founded in 2012 to further music and arts education at the K-12 level.