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Preview: Living Things 8

We are so excited about our next book in the Living Things Series that we wanted to give you a peek! Jessica Seamans has totally outdone herself with her theme of "A Brief Sampling of Cryptids, Folkloric Beasts & Mythological Animals" and we can't wait until we get them back from the printer in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out the amazing centerfold!

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New artist mini books from Becca Stadtlander & Liam Stevens

Hope you all had happy holidays and a merry new year! We were so busy that we didn't get a chance to properly introduce you to our two latest releases... Becca Stadtlander's Night Home and Liam Stevens' installment in the Living Things Series, Amazon. Becca liked working on her Living Things Vol 6 so much that she was inspired to make another mini book of drawings, this time all about the night, and asked us if we would like to publish it. Naturally we said yes and lo and behold, the lovely Night Home! It has a beautiful wintery wrap-around painting on the cover and inside you'll find an array of nocturnal inkwash images that create an enigmatic atmosphere from...

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Becca Stadtlander's Living Things has landed

The sixth installment of our Living Things Series is here and it turned out beautifully! The theme of Becca Stadtlander's volume is "Winged Creatures of the Natural World" and you'll find all sorts of birds (including pheasants, swans, and flamingos) and insects (monarchs, moths, locusts, and bees) plus some bats and a flying fish! This comes just in time to help you through the coming winter months--whenever the weather is getting you down and you're stuck inside, just visit these pages to let your imagination take flight in Becca's transporting scenes.

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Introducing: Food Mountain

You may not know, but both of us have been longtime vegans (we both became vegetarians in 1990 and vegan a few years later, before we knew each other) and we've been bouncing the idea of a vegan food blog around for a while. As in "wouldn't it be great if something like this existed, we wish someone would do it." There are lots of vegan options in Portland and lots of great restaurant guides, but no consolidation of what the current food news is. So a week and a half ago, with The Vegan Month of Food quickly approaching as an incentive, we figured why don't we just start one? So here it is... Food Mountain! So now we...

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