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Introducing: Food Mountain

You may not know, but both of us have been longtime vegans (we both became vegetarians in 1990 and vegan a few years later, before we knew each other) and we've been bouncing the idea of a vegan food blog around for a while. As in "wouldn't it be great if something like this existed, we wish someone would do it." There are lots of vegan options in Portland and lots of great restaurant guides, but no consolidation of what the current food news is. So a week and a half ago, with The Vegan Month of Food quickly approaching as an incentive, we figured why don't we just start one? So here it is... Food Mountain!

So now we have a Little Otsu side project! We know it won't relate to most of our audience (being neither vegan nor in Portland), but we wanted to share what we've been working feverishly on (besides packing orders and preparing for our next Living Things book by Becca Stadtlander to arrive) and maybe you know someone who is vegan and living in/visiting Portland who might be interested. Or check us out if you're coming to Portland as you may just find something you'll want to try. And if you know of any Portland vegan food news, please let us know. Thanks!

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