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Proof of Living Things

Just thought that was a funny title, but really, we're sharing another peek at our next two books in the Living Things Series in the form of press sheets. So this is how things look after they're printed and before getting trimmed and folded and bound. Can't wait to have some final versions of the books in hand just in time for their debut at Stumptown this weekend!

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Giving calendars a second life

We love calendars here at little otsu and on any given year we have several different ones around our office. But we never know what to do when the year is over and we have to throw away--well, throw in the recycle bin--the old calendar and no longer get to enjoy the art. So when Jennie Smith came to us in 2006 with the idea to make a calendar that had a poster on the back so that you don't have to throw it away after the year was over, we knew it was kismet. We have used this as a central idea in all our calendars since. a view of both sides of Ron Rege's 2011 Calendar & poster...

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LO Annual Vol. 5 is heading to print!

It's rare that we turn something in to the printer with an artist literally in the same room, but with Dan Black out visiting Portland from Minneapolis before making his way to Flatstock in Seattle this weekend, we were able to do just that with Volume 5 of the Little Otsu Annual planner. He just had to make a few tweaks to the list pages and then finalize the cover (which turned out great ...and yellow!) and we could sit in the same room knowing it's now up to 1984 Printing in Oakland to print and cut and collate and bind and then finally ship out the final product to us and then your favorite hometown stores and then to...

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You Are Here: Maps As Influence

Our friends and old neighbors Creativity Explored in San Francisco have a new art show opening April 15th called Where Are We? which takes the concept of maps as the basis of the exhibit: "This includes, but is not limited to, painting and drawing on maps, using maps as collage material, and drawing maps from scratch. While some of the artists working with this theme embrace the challenge of integrating maps into their oeuvres, others take a more individualized approach by creating maps of their home countries, while yet others use the topic of maps to explore fresh new subject matter." image from Maps have always had a strong influence on us with their combination of the artistic and...

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