The Tour Diary by Allison Cole

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Our share of trips and treks from the post-graduation European summer to West Coast band tours inspired us to come up with a travel planner that could serve as a fun companion on the road. We worked with Allison Cole to develop a book that’s structured enough to be useful with enough character to be unique, but plenty of room to express yourself.

The front of the book has reference and planning pages for before your trip to make sure you have all your key info in one place, all the stuff you’ll need to pack, things to do while on your trip, and more importantly, places to eat! There’s also room to fill out some important translations in case you’re hitting a foreign country. English anyone? After that, the bulk of the book is divided into 6 weekly increments. Each week has an opening ideas page and weekly overview page which you can use for planning and then recording what you actually did, journal pages to elaborate, and then a closing notes page. The week is tied together with a mini-vignette of Allison’s comic characters on the first and last page with a themed tab for the journal pages. So you can use the weeks for multiple short trips or one humdinger of a month and a half of travel. We close the book with scrapbook pages that you can use to keep ticket stubs or sketches or whatever you like. However you use the book, we hope it serves as your trusty companion on your travels!

Planner Stats:
-6 dateless weeks with each week consisting of a planning page, weekly overview, 7 journal pages, notes page, and original artwork
-7 personal resource pages (important dates, personal info, travel checklist, things to do and see, places to eat, address book, and fill-in reference)
-9 scrapbook pages
-printed in Oakland, CA on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based inks
-full-color cover and brown interior on white paper
-5 3/8” x 8 5/16” pefect-bound book, 78 pages

Allison Cole graduated from RISD in 2003 and lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island. Alternative Comics published her first graphic novel, Never Ending Summer, in 2004. She also created the Aquatic Adventure Weekly Planner for Little Otsu in 2004.

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