Lart C. Berliner Dots Poster by Little Otsu

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Also cast as a 2009 Calendar folded up like a map, this poster by Lart is an astounding full-color sticker dot composition made by hand in her studio in Berlin. Words cannot accurately describe it, so we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

On the calendar side, Lart was inspired by public transportation to create this imaginative railway map of daily routes and night service (lunar cycle). Lart’s intricate cityscape unfolds to reveal watercolor service lines representing the months with full moons and special days marked with colored dots and amusing text by Simon Evans. There’s even an inset overview of the area, and it’s all on top of an amazing paper weave/scotch tape background.

The project was printed in full-color using vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper by a family-owned printer in Hayward, CA. It measures 4” x 9” folded and 24” x 18” unfolded, 100# text stock.