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Jo Dery at Women in Science and Nature Animation Salon

Jo Dery is participating in what looks like a really great event in her hometown of Providence, RI this Sunday, June 12th of animation and conversation, highlighting the "visual translations of scientific knowledge and natural phenomena." They will be screening animations (including Jo's) and then having a discussion afterwards. This is an all ages event, so bring the kids! Women in Science and Nature Animation Salon Sunday June 12, 3-5 pm Thames & Kosmos (Providence's scientific toy company) 301 Friendship Street, Providence, RI 02903

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PDX: Skid Road To Floating World

A "Seattle Contemporary Drawing Exhibit" is happening this Thursday at Floating World Comics in Downtown Portland and is curated by cartoonist Jason T. Miles and features LO's own Martine Workman! Should be a diverse group of drawings from fine art to comics. It's also a book release for Jim Woodring's new book, Congress of the Animals. They are describing the artwork in the show as, "...a mixed miasma of drone drawing, figure drawing, pattern cartooning, metamorphic automatism, cartography, illustration, totem drawing and good ole rain soaked mysticism." Skid Road To Floating World WHO: Skid Road art collective, artists in attendance TBD WHAT: Art exhibit & book release for Jim Woodring’s CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS WHEN: Thursday, June 2nd, 6-10pm (Artwork...

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Stupid Dreams by Joey Sayers

We published Teen Power by Joey Sayers in 2006 and it is now sold out, but our printer 1984 has collected it along with all of Joey's other 5-minute comics into one book called Stupid Dreams. You can buy it directly from Joey on her website. Teen Power cover  

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The First 30 Years by Martine Workman

Our good friend and LO artist Martine Workman made an amazing zine called "My First 30 Years" chronicling--you guessed it--her first thirty years of life done in rhymes and drawings. We saw it for the first time when she tabled with us at Stumptown Comics Fest a couple weeks ago and loved it! These brilliant and beautiful pages are made up of tiny vignettes as a window into different aspects of her life; starting from childhood and ending in her recently completed 30th year. The zine itself is the size of her hand (as tall and as wide) and it has a coaster on the back cover (you know, in case you need a place to set your drink). Here...

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