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A great Living Things review by Rob Clough

Rob Clough of the blog High-Low (he also writes for The Comics Journal) wrote a great review of our Living Things artist book series as it is so far (issues 1-4). We thought we'd share some highlights (and definitely read the full review):

"Little Otsu is a publishing concern...that focuses on printing cards, calendars and other paper-based products as well as comics. As such, their comics all have careful attention paid to them so as to present them as art objects."

"The first issue, featuring Lizzy Stewart, purports to be 'A Guide to Eastern European Wildlife' that begins with naturalistic depictions of bears, wolves and owls but slowly becomes more whimsical, with fur hat-wearing rodents and a moose with a clothesline hanging from its antlers."

"The second issue features Jo Dery and is about pheromones. This is an inventive and charming comic, with each page setting up a different visual challenge and solving each one with a variety of color schemes."

"Waldron alternates close-ups of small objects and fade-outs of the city itself, creating a number of pages that resemble a study for a Mondrian painting. Like the other comics in this series, there's not much of a narrative to speak of, but it's a beautiful and intriguing thing to look at."

"This is a delightfully witty series of variations on a theme by an artist [Lilli Carre] who takes full advantage of the production values provided to her by a publisher committed to creating beautiful objects."

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  • Eva

    Congrats on the review! These books look absolutely beautiful.

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