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Philatelic Friday: Austria's Lindauer Hütte

I picked this gem of a stamp out of my box when the red border caught my eye and then the incredibly detailed drawing made me want to find out more. And what a bunch more there is! The stamp itself is jam packed with information. The upper right hand corner names the building (Lindauer Hütte, which seems to be a famous lodge) and location (the Rätikon mountain range in the Alps).

1975 Austria

The cursive under the drawing names the state of Austria that it's in (Vorarlberg) and then there's the designer (Otto Zeiller), year, and the engraver (Werner Pfeiler). I think it's awesome that they each get credited on the stamp itself.

The stamp seems to come from a pretty cool landscape series based on this Flickr user's pics. I wish I had time to research more about the series and Austrian stamps in general as they seem to take the art of making them pretty seriously and I came across a lot of really nice designs while finding information about this one.

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