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Say Hello to Indoor Studies!

After years of false starts, we've finally managed to begin posting regularly to our blog every weekday. It's been a couple of months now and we were feeling like it really needed its own name, besides the "blog" that sat at the top of the page. So after quite a bit of deliberation (naming things is hard!), it's our pleasure to introduce our new blog title, Indoor Studies! We got the name from a book by the 19th century naturalist John Burroughs. We loved the idea of a naturalist writing a book named for the indoors, but he's also a great writer and an interesting person. And the name just stuck out to us. We always came back to Indoor Studies as it really summed up what we were doing, sharing our view of the wide world from our desk indoors (while looking out our back windows at the trees and the birds of course).

We hope to do more and more stuff with the blog and it really is still in development. For right now, it's pretty well summed up by "things we make + things we like" but the beauty of this format is that it's ever-changing and evolving. Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas--we love collaboration! Speaking of your ideas and thoughts, we now have comments enabled on individual posts, so let's hear your 2 cents (and make those the nice 2 cents, while you're at it).

photo of John Burroughs at his Study Table from Indoor Studies (originally published 1889)

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  • Evan

    Are we the first to comment? what a honor! We’re excited to see all the fun things you two come up with – e+c

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