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A look at the LO Annual Vol. 5

We're super excited to have volume 5 of the LO Annual Planner in-stock and ready to share with you! Here's a little tour...

For Volume 5, we wanted to feature type as art so Dan hand-drew over 18 sets of type for a variety of characters. He also drew all the linework and details so there's no mistaking this for your run-of-the-mill planner.

We've included handy mini calendars for the next three years and a quick reference page for all your important appointments, travel, and events.

Use the personal info page to consolidate all your medical, travel, car/bike details, and reminders for all your plethora of different user names and passwords. There's also a page for important addresses, a back-up phone list page for ease of use with your landline or in case you lose your cell phone, and a page to keep track of birthdays and gifts so you don't end up giving someone the same thing twice.

Make a note of all the books, movies, music, and websites you want to check out on these specialized list pages so you don't forget about them later.

There are 12 dateless month layouts so you get a quick overview of what's coming up this month and in the months ahead. There's plenty of room to write in each day plus a notes column for monthly to-dos and things to remember.

And to top it all off, there are 54 dateless weeks with plenty of room for you to plan and record your week. Each day has a dotted column to the left that you can use for appointment times or checking off your daily to-dos. There's a large area for notes for the week and another gridded column that you can use for weekly to-dos and keeping track of things like expenses. We think it's our best weekly layout yet!

It all comes printed with soy-based inks on 100% PCW recycled paper by our friends at 1984 Printing in Oakland to make this a great new addition to our planner family!

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