Zum in the store, other items

You may or may not be aware of the fact that Yvonne and I (George) ran a record label together for nearly ten years, or just about there - starting in 1998. I took the label on as my own joy/burden last year, but Little Otsu still carries some Zum releases, and there are a few new ones available right now.
The Weird Weeds "Hold Me" LP is limited to 300 pressed on black vinyl, with covers screened by Michigan's VGKids from Lauren Pakradooni's amazing artwork.

I've been a fan of the band since hearing mp3s of this album while on tour in 2005.
Aaron Russell was in Nitre Pit and The Teethe with Greg Saunier. My bandmate Miya was in The Teethe also, and we were stuck in Gallup, NM in a hotel after our van died, listening to music to entertain ourselves. "Hold Me" originally came out as a self-released CDR, but lo these 4 years later it's finally on an "official" format.
We also have a split 7" with Zs and Child Abuse that has a fold out 7" x 14" reproduction of a painting/drawing by John Dwyer.

The juxtaposition of visual art with vinyl product is one of the fun "curatorial" parts of putting out records. I asked my friend Matt Hart to screen the cover art for the split 7" between Abe Vigoda and Mikaela's Fiend. We actually sold out of that initial pressing of 500, so we re-pressed that single on mixed color vinyl and converted Matt's art to an offset printing. You may have seen or heard Abe Vigoda on NPR the other day.

Next up is a 7" by Mark Evan Burden's Silentist project. The cover art is by Lanie Fletcher of the infamous "The Ripper" zine.

Other news - there are a handful of copies left of my drawing zine, "Shank", at Little Otsu. Collected drawings from flyers and mixtape covers and just random gags from 2003-08, photocopied and bound with a stylish rubber band. I also started a Twitter, am doing a bunch of shows in SF soon with my band Chen Santa Maria and doing a stand up comedy set with Sam McPheeters at Adobe Books on the 20th.

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