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I do not consider myself a philatelist, but I do love a good postage stamp. I've been slowly amassing a random collection since the 90s when I did a lot of mailing for my zine/label. So it's not so much a collection placed carefully in binders, but scattered sheets here and there that I've bought to use but then can't bear to part with. There are many I wished I had kept, but part of the beauty of stamps is that they're fun to share. I try not to buy ugly stamps, but if I end up with some, I use them on bills or something where the recipient couldn't care less. Stamps are little pieces of art and can add a lot of personality to a correspondence. I'm sure most people don't notice, but when I'm not in a rush, I try to present an interesting panoply in that upper right corner. Here's a recent juxtaposition that amused me...

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