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VeganMoFo: Sweetpea Bakery

Lucky for Portland and people who love sugar, there is Sweetpea Baking Company at SE 12th and Stark Street. Sweetpea is an amazing all vegan bakery making the most fantastic donuts, cakes and danishes (among many other things). I love going there as they always have new things to try, it's a great space to sit & eat and the owner Lisa is super nice and cares a lot about making vegan baked goods taste as good as any other baked good in the world.

The chocolate petit fours with mocha and pumpkin cheesecake I picked up yesterday.

Saturday is donut day and Wednesday is danish day and on Sunday they have a vegan brunch. Go there and get a vegan Boston cream filled donut! I swear this isn't an ad, I just like the place. ...Seriously, it's good!

 This is a chocolate tart and an apricot cream cheese danish! Yowza!

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