VeganMoFo: tomatoes

With the onset of chill in the weather, it seems that our fresh garden tomatoes may be on their way out. But they don't know it yet and they keep making flowers and fruit, though not quite of the quality of last month. It's our first real season of tomatoes (besides soot-ridden yellow pears from the SF balcony) and while some were losers (so far we've only gotten one almost mealy orange oxheart and the yellow pear plants are looking in worse shape than the ones in SF), the black russian plums have been amazing. Here's something tasty we made by grilling bread with fresh herbs and Follow Your Heart mozzarella and throwing some fresh tomatoes on top.

Something else we did with them was add them to our favorite feeling lazy dish, vegetable roast. We chop up whatever veggies we've got around, sometimes throw in some tempeh, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs, and throw it in the oven. Tastes amazing on its own, or good over pasta, grains, salad. It does require some prep time, but basically cooks itself, and that's perfect when you can't think of what to make.

We finished this batch off over quinoa and the tomatoes were amazing.

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