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Film Diary: Loves of a Blonde

Film Diary: Lásky jedné plavovlásky, 1965, directed by Milos Forman

I've always known about Milos Forman from his more Hollywood fare, but had never seen any of his earlier Czech work. I really loved this film for its beautiful shots, wonderful simplicity, and resilient humanity. His protagonist Andula was played by his former sister-in-law Hana Brejchová in her first film and he captures her unconventional beauty in such artful ways.

The camera loves her, but he also lets his eye linger on even the least consequential of characters. I particularly liked this small moment...

There are so many great compositions...

It's not an epic movie, but it captures a small-town girl's story with situations that are sadly comical and ultimately timeless.

photos by Yvonne

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