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Cover Club: "A"

Recently I was given the new edition of the amazing book "A" by Louis Zukofsky for my birthday. Written over the majority of his life (from 1927-1978), it begins with the letter A and ends with the word Zion and is divided into 24 sections to reflect the hours in the day. Widely considered a masterpiece, it was published in sections throughout his life and was at the printers being printed for the first time as a complete book when he died.

I first saw it in person when I borrowed a copy from the Portland Library and it turned out they are still lending the first cloth edition from 1978. I liked the cover so much that I took a bunch of photos not knowing I would one day do a blog post about book covers (who knows what the future holds!).

new paperback edition published 2011 by New Directions

cloth edition published 1978 by University of California Press

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