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SF Store: new window display by Paul Morgan

Oakland artist Paul Morgan created an incredible new window display for us out of double-sided triangles screenprinted with his amazing patterns forming what is almost a quilt of multi-colored paper in our large front window. It's shapes within shapes within shapes and can be viewed from a micro to macro level, all designed, screened, and assembled by Paul! And as a companion piece, Jessalyn Aaland used some of Paul's scraps to create two great collages on our sandwich board pretty much off-the-cuff!

You can even bring some of this window magic home--we have 5 different exclusive prints of the patterns that are used in the window display (but in a more convenient rectangle form) for only $15 each or you can get a set of all 5 for $50! This is one of our last window displays before we close so come on down and check it out!

photos by Amara Dan


  • Voilamonami

    where can i buy the set of five posters paul did for the show?

  • Little Otsu

    Try contacting Paul directly:

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