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Event: Simon Evans Show In NY

If you find yourself in New York you may enjoy Simon Evans' Show that opened yesterday at the James Cohan Gallery. Simon was nice enough to make this bookmark for us a while ago and we think it's some of the best 50 cents you can spend. Simon and Lart have been working on this show for months and months and it's awesome to see the results!

From the Gallery's website: "Simon Evan's delicate text-based works are collaged and assembled from prosaic materials including found paper, scotch tape, pencil shavings, colored pencil and white out. They describe a world poised between two poles of earnestness and irony. With his anxieties laid bare and his wry brand of melancholy, Evans presents us with a veritable laundry list of drawings that take the form of diagrams, charts, maps, lexicons, diary entries, inventories, cosmologies and epistolary entreaties that plunge the viewer into alternate states of pathos and hope. "

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