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VeganMofo: "It's the pesto of cities."

I love how 90s pesto is. Once I made a penne pasta with pesto & sun-dried tomatoes and my head exploded from being so 1990s. But it was good! That's the thing, it might have been a trend but it's something that's easy and has tons of payoff taste-wise. At this point I'm not sure what recipe I'm using as I make it from memory and just kinda wing it, but here is basically what I put in it.

90s Pesto (aka "Everybody's moving to Seattle!")
  • fresh basil leaves
  • several garlic cloves
  • a handful of nuts, preferably pine nuts but also walnuts or almonds or whatever
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • white miso paste (I'm pretty sure this is from How It All Vegan but I'm too lazy to check, but let's just say it is)
So yeah, this isn't a recipe but basically I just throw all that crud in the food processor and add and subtract ingredients till it looks nice and fine...and green. This is not a food for a first date as your breath will smell like the 90s and that's no good at all. Did I mention the 90s? OH the 1990s, how I miss you....

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