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SF Trip: September

I was back in the Mission last week spending time at the store and visiting San Francisco with my older brother Taylor. We had a great time going to the De Young and doing tons and tons of walking and had a nice lunch with our good friend Tommy (who also served as my gracious host during my stay).

It was fun to hang out with Kirk as always and finally getting to meet the new LO store team member Amara in person, as well as getting to see the few McSweeney's folks who were in town. Plus saw tons of customers that have become friends over the past 5+ years we've been open (which reminds me that our 6 year anniversary of the store is next month!). A highlight for me was seeing Jennie Smith and her very awesome son Coyote who is a very good dancer. Apparently his future is so bright, he is compelled to wear shades.
I'm excited about my next visit hoping I'll get a chance to visit the re-opened Academy of Science and getting to eat at Cha-Ya again. Hopefully I'll see you then!

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