The Little Otsu Film Diary

While I've had a pretty big hand in most of our projects, I've never had sole responsibility for something on this scale. The closest I've come is probably writing for, editing, taking photos for, laying out, and publishing the zine I did with my brother. But there was a lot of talent to work with and incorporate in that case, while the Film Diary is pretty much mine from start to finish (with some good input from Jeremy, Martine, Tommy, Lart, and Chi-hui--thanks!). Not being a professional (or even very competent) artist, photographer, or designer, I felt a lot of trepidation as to how this book would turn out. After waiting all afternoon today for our first box to show up (not to mention the almost 2 months since I had turned it in), I felt pretty happy and relieved to have the final product in my hands. Thanks also goes to 1984 for doing a great job with the printing and binding! So before this starts sounding like a really bad awards ceremony speech, I'll just say it's pretty cool to see an idea fully realized and hope all you movie fans will find the book useful.

On an unrelated note but also one of gratitude, just wanted to thank Claudia-Eve from the Drawn & Quarterly store for this very nice post! We hope to one day be able to visit Montreal and experience their awesome store in person.

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