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Again, time has just kind of flown by! Let's see what's been going on... I finished my first journal, a film diary for keeping track of all the movies you watch in these days of Netflix and festivals and whatnot. You can take notes about main things that strike you and then remind yourself when you're like, "I know I saw that, but I don't really remember..." We should be getting proofs for it any day and hopefully it will be out by the end of June. We are also using extra paper from the project to make some exclusive notepads from Jo, Lart, and me so we're excited about those too. And we should be getting Jennie and Jessica's postcard book and a new postcard from Lart back this week, so hooray for that!

Speaking of Lart, we just had a nice visit from her on her USA-a-okay break from Berlin. While we all had the best of intentions for getting lots of work done, the reality was that we ate lots of food, watched bad tv, took walks, and melted a bit in the unseasonable weather. And Martine came down from Seattle for a day (with Mighty-O donuts!) which was fun. We did lay the groundwork for some good projects though so there will be things to show for it down the road. Best of all, Lart and I can happily say it was better than what we were doing together at the same time last year (read: stationery show).

On a more serious subject, it seems easy to forget about the destruction and amount of life lost in China and Myanmar as more time passes and other news happens to replace it in the headlines, but it seems with every passing day, the death toll mounts and more and more people need help to recover from these disasters. I wish there was something to do beside donating money to an international aid group like Doctors Without Borders, but it seems like that's the best way to contribute. It's not much, but it's something.

Well, let me wrap up on a happier note by thanking Modish and Apartment Therapy for some nice LO mentions! More regular blogging to come.

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