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hopping along, singing a song

Considering I've been confined to crutches the last two weeks, I should have written something much sooner, but lack of mobility has not meant lack of things to do. But to explain... I was coming back inside to the Pool tradeshow on the afternoon of the first day and turned back to hold open the door and say hello to the person behind me who had stopped at our booth earlier while I had been on the phone. I guess I was still moving forward while not looking where I was stepping and next thing I knew, I was on the floor. After a few minutes, I was able to hobble back to our booth and what seemed like a bad sprain was confirmed as a fractured ankle the next day at the ER in Henderson. Well, seems like everyone has their injury stories and mine is pretty boring and benign, but it's my first broken bone. Suffice it to say, the rest of my week in Vegas was shot (no donuts, or much else, for me), but I did manage to make it through dinner for my grandpa's 85th birthday. Many thanks to Heidi & Angela from McSweeney's, my grandma, and mom for helping me get through the week away from home. Coming back to SF and a 3rd floor walk-up was not much fun, but all in all, it hasn't been too painful of an experience, just incredibly inconvenient and more fraught with accident potential than usual.

At any rate, I got a walking cast this morning, so now comes the more difficult part of putting weight on it again. It hasn't been very pleasant so far, so I'm taking this lounging opportunity to write this quick update. My accident couldn't have come at a worse time as we are swamped! We released Keri Smith's Non-Planner Datebook just a few days before I left for Vegas and the orders came pouring in! So our apologies to everyone who's had to wait a few extra days on their order--we're a woman down and Jeremy's working his hardest to fill all the orders and keep the store running. And besides those new bookmarks (by Lart, Simon Evans, and Scott Barry) and Lart's 3-year calendar and artist print that I mentioned last time, we have 2 new cards from Lart and 2 from Berkeley's Evah Fan! We also used the margin space from those cards to print a picture I took and a drawing from my brother George which I colored--we'll add those to the site in a few days. And we hit a snag with Lart's Come Along planner, but it's back on track and along with the LO Annual V.2, should be out in a few weeks. And late but not least, our travel planner with Allison Cole should be ready to turn in soon. We have more projects in the works, but I'll save that for a later time. Back to recuperating!

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