Nine Ways to Disappear by Lilli Carré

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The charmingly peculiar short stories collected in Nine Ways to Disappear revolve loosely around the theme of disappearance and mark a new form for Lilli Carré. Skillfully drawn single panels explore a rich imagined world where actions have unexpected consequences and loneliness pervades, but not without a sense of the absurd. The stories read like vignettes that can span a day or decades, all drawn within a bordered page in intimate detail.

Each story unfolds quickly and features characters that run the gamut: joke-writing sisters gone awry, a wandering sleepwalker, a pearl with curious properties, an elusive coughing neighbor, a wide-eyed girl of questionable appeal, even a storm drain. Whether animate or inanimate, sweet or monstrous, Lilli has the ability to infuse them all with pathos, humanity, and humor.

  • printed in Oakland, CA by a family-run printer
  • soy-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • interior pages blue ink on natural paper
  • 5.25" wide x 5" tall, 192 pages
  • recommended for mature readers

“…takes discomfort as its starting point and aestheticizes it into fluid Symbolist imagery. It’s a laconic, darkly amusing set of short pieces about involution and self-effacement, with a single drawing on each little square page, framed in a decorative border.”-Douglas Wolk, The New York Times Book Review, Holiday Books issue

“I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and not wanting to go out and buy a copy for someone else.”-Whitney Matheson, USA Today’s Pop Candy

“Nine Ways to Disappear shows an important, endearing talent making an unerasable mark.”-Adam McGovern,

“Lilli Carre’ is rapidly becoming one of the most accomplished and prolific young artists in comics. Her level of progression from project to project has been remarkable. Her latest effort, NINE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR, may well be my favorite of her works to date.” -Rob Clough

“Nine Ways to Disappear is a quiet book of single paneled pages based largely around narration, pieces mostly spun with fairy tale omniscience, a storytelling method well-suited to the magical realism that unfolds in nearly every piece.” -Brian Heater

Lilli Carré is an accomplished artist and animator living in Chicago. She has created two highly acclaimed books, The Lagoon (Fantagraphics) and Tales of Woodsman Pete (Top Shelf). Her work has appeared on the covers and in the pages of The Best American Comics (Houghton Mifflin) and Mome (Fantagraphics).