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      News — Living Things Among Us

      Intro & Call for Entries: Living Things Among Us

      Our new Living Things Series is all about drawings. We ask artists to come up with their own theme around the idea of living things and see what happens. At the heart of it though is showing life in all of its forms. We of course see living things everywhere we go and as all of us are wont to do now-a-days, we take photos of them. A few of these end up as inspiration for LO projects (including LT), but most just end up in our iphoto library. We thought it would be great to share some of these photos as well as ask LO artists and you to contribute to a new ongoing blog photo feature called, "Living Things Among Us".

      To that end, we are asking for you to send your entries to us of 1-3 photos of living things centered around a single theme and we will pick our favorites and post them on our blog. We will also be asking LO artists to post some of their photos as well. So email us your submissions & theme: submissions (at) littleotsu (dot) com

      We can't wait to see what you come up with and keep checking back to our blog each week to see LO artists', ours & your photos of living things out in the world. Your ideas & photos might even inspire a future Living Things book!