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Niteglow Beehive you say?

Our good friend and former SF Store manager, Kirk Snyder is also a painter in his own right and did the amazing red square painting in our former SF Store. I really love these paintings from last year called "SSAF Niteglow Beehive". Check out his blog too, although it's been a while since he's updated. SSAF Niteglow Beehive Kirk's awesome painting in our old SF Store

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Evah Fan in Giant Robot Show

Father's Forgotten Figs by Evah Fan LO artist and current Stockholm resident Evah Fan is part of a Lunar New Year show at Giant Robot (GR2 in LA) called Year of the Rabbit which runs from February 5th-March 2, 2011. If you're in LA definitely check it out (it has tons of great artists in it including another LO artist Kaori Kasai). Speaking of Evah we added some new products of hers to our online shop--the fun Slump postcard, Tra La La Riso Print, and 7-color Goop screenprint! Tra La La Riso Print

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New posters by Landland

Dan Black (of the LO Annual Planner) and Jessica Seamans (of the Collection of 10 Postcards) make up the poster duo known as Landland. I always enjoy checking in to see what new posters they have. Check out their website to see a complete list of old and new posters:

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Jo Dery Portrait Project

Our ol' pal Jo Dery of Living Things Series Vol 2 fame recently did this great art project where she took out an ad in her hometown newspaper Mothers News (which looks really great and does subscriptions for those of us not living in Providence, RI) offering to draw people as cartoon animals and even include a speech bubble with the text of their choice if they are so inclined. She posted the results on her blog and they are really great and definitely worth a look! We posted a few of our favorites, so check them out and see them all on her blog here:

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Lizzy Stewart in Venus & LO Annual 5 in BLTD

There is a nice article about Lizzy Stewart in Venus Zine and it mentions her Living Things Series book! Check it out here: image from Living Things Series Volume 1 by Lizzy Stewart Also the design blog Better Living Through Design did a feature today on the LO Annual Vol. 5. Check that out here:

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